Our passion comes from our vivid memories of growing up and working in the bustling Ramen shops of Fukuoka, Japan - Our home town and the birthplace of Hakata Style cooking. We are thrilled to bring you our modern interpretation of the exciting flavors and energy that the “Yatai” culinary street vendors of the Hakata district have developed over centuries.   

The foundations of our great tasting food are premium ingredients, artistry, and love. The rich and creamy pork bone broth of Tonkotsu Ramen cooked for 12 hours, the complex and deep “Oishi” flavor of Shoyu Ramen, and the satisfying crunch of perfectly cooked Gyoza Dumplings are the building blocks of the unique taste of KOTSU® Ramen & Gyoza. 

We hold nothing back and we cut no corners. We use only the best ingredients and techniques. Most importantly, we put passion and attention into serving you the best fast-casual Japanese food experience to remember. We hope you enjoy your dining experience with us and welcome you to our “Kazoku” - Family.

KOTSU® Ramen & Gyoza